60 years
of knock-out ideas

That can be done even better… was the thought going through Pieter van den Busken’s mind when he founded his company vandenbusken in 1961. With his progressive vision and quirky ideas, he changed the way direct marketing is viewed. Now, more than 50 years later, our vision has not changed one bit. We still believe that things can always be done better, and we are constantly aiming to improve ourselves. In 2019 we grew into an established branding & dialogue marketing agency and we are proud of that. We remain pioneers at heart. Every day, we wonder how we can do things even better and more effectively. We are always looking for innovative and creative ways to maintain an open dialogue with our clients. Vandenbusken is affiliated with InterDirect.

The team

Meet our carefully-selected professional team. A team brimming with fresh, creative insights and many different ideas. Our common feature? A fighting mentality. We like to really immerse ourselves into a project and are only satisfied once it has the WOW effect.

Arnout van den Busken

Caspar van den Busken

Lars van Waveren
Operations manager

Martijn Groenewegen
Creative manager

Kim van het Hooft

Rick van der Heijden

Margret Ashby

Jan van Oest

Rianne van der Geest

Gaya Sanders

Daisy van den Busken
Project assistant

Merel Wiersma

Rijk van den Berg


Vandenbusken is a member of InterDirect. A unique network consisting of independent advertising agencies in more than 30 countries around the world. Each agency has its own expertise and strengths.

We work closely with these agencies with the following aims:

  • Collaboration and support in international adverts and campaigns
  • The exchange of relevant knowledge and experience
  • Insight into local markets
  • Merging different areas of expertise for effective (international) strategies