At vandenbusken we want to get to know your brand inside out, because we know that only with a real, authentic story we have the power to reach your target group. Only once we understand what drives you as a company and what your key values are, we will publicise your brand story. This means that your target group will be engaged in a passionate way and on an emotional level, so you can leave an impression that lasts longer. Do you want to put your brand on the map? At vandenbusken we know how to make it happen!


By making use of Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle method, which incorporates the so-called circles of ‘why,’ ‘how’ and ‘what’, we will get a feel of the driving forces behind your organisation. What do you stand for and what are some of your organisation’s core values? Subsequently we will examine how your business distinguishes itself from its competitors. We will chart how your products and services connect with the formulated ‘why’. By communicating from such a deep level of understanding, your message will be as consistent and authentic as it will be long lasting.


All marketing communication starts with a brand identity. We will explore whether your current identity matches the one you intend to convey. We will reveal your organisations’ core values and its distinctive character that sets you apart from your competitor(s). During a programme consisting of three sessions held in workshop context we will work together with various internal stakeholders. Following this, we will validate the workshop findings with customers and business relations (on location) by use of in-depth interviews. The results will be presented and a step-by-step practical advice will be given in order to make the shift from the current identity to the desired identity you wish to communicate.


Brand positioning is the conceptual place your brand (or company) occupies in the (potential) customer’s mind. How does your customer view your brand, in comparison to that one of the competition? Are you more expensive, but do you offer better quality and is your brand seen as ‘younger’ or ‘healthier’ than other comparative brands? Obviously, you prefer to claim a unique place with your brand among the competitors. Vandenbusken[FvI1]  will help you determine your distinctive position in relation to other players in the market. During a session, we will map all your competitors and their positioning. We will also discuss your brand and organisational objectives, and we will subsequently provide advice on a suitable positioning for your company.


A powerful branding pay-off, slogan or tagline has the power to considerably strengthen the positioning of a brand. A pay-off conveys in a short and to-the-point manner exactly what a brand stands for. We take the ‘why’ as the starting point for the pay-off, and combine that with your brand values, as well as what you intend to emphasise with your communication. When developing the pay-off, we naturally take into account the relevance of the target group, as well as your distinctive character compared to your competitors. We will present at least three proposals, including the corresponding creative philosophy behind it all.


Once the values and motives of your organisation have been mapped out, vandenbusken brings your brand story to life. The brand story will be emotionally engaging and matchless.


In order to work on a brand that is effective and durable, a creative umbrella is necessary to determine the direction of all your communications. This creates recognition, distinctive character and emphasises the propositions of each of your marketing efforts. A brand concept is a long-term strategy. The concept can be used as a strategic red thread and to creatively guide all your campaigns. We will also provide you with a creative project rationale; a synopsis that shows how the concept has been conveyed, which will include some creative samples to help illustrate the idea.


The values and motives of your organisation are given more power in a brand video, in which the brand story has been used as the starting point. By adding image and sound, the message and emotion of the communication are conveyed more powerfully.


Are you looking for a way to present your company, brand or own personal career in the most powerful way; so you can distinguish yourself from the competition? Feel free to contact us without obligation. We are happy to talk to you and tell you more about the many options available.