Creative campaigns

Your target group is overwhelmed with information on a daily basis. The best brands, products and services are presented to them constantly through a variety of media channels. At vandenbusken we will ensure you will stand out the right way, and that you will be head and shoulders above the rest! We will map your target group, brand and current campaigns, and create a customised media and format advice based on that. This way you will be able to develop your own effective campaigns that consistently reach your target group. At vandenbusken we do it with love!


To ensure a message will attract attention, a campaign needs a creative umbrella to guide all its communication efforts.

This helps create recognition, distinctiveness, and it emphasises the propositions of your product or service. This is why a successful campaign concept is tactical as well as goal oriented. We can help you develop a strong campaign concept, including a draft clearly detailing how the concept has been conveyed, as well as some creative samples with which to illustrate the idea.


Before you develop a campaign, a well-founded campaign approach should be the starting point. We can help you set up a strategy that will ensure optimal results from your campaign. The campaign strategy will be the result of a briefing, in which we discuss your intended goals and present various perspectives. We will then summarise the campaign strategy in a clearly-formulated presentation.


A campaign consists of different media formats, distributed through a variety of channels. But which formats elicit the best effect? Which media channels are best suited to the message, target group and nature of the campaign? We would love to develop a recommendation based on different forms of media, so that before you start you have a clear picture of the components that can make up an effective campaign.

Our media recommendations are elaborated on in the form of a presentation. In addition to giving advice, we can also help you design your various media communications and give them shape. At vandenbusken we prefer a practical and feasible approach; no elusive concepts, but clear and concrete proposals that you really can get started with.


Would you like to know more about how we set up creative campaigns at vandenbusken? Then please contact us without any obligation. We are happy to tell you more about the possibilities and the creative process that we use.

Developing creative campaigns with which you create recognition and distinguish yourself from competitors? Leave it to us.