Digital Design & Development

At vandenbusken we create eye-catching websites, which reach the target group and are made with the latest design techniques. We also create online display campaigns, banners, digital mailings and newsletters; basically everything that ensures your target group is nothing but enthusiastic about your brand. Have your website set up by creative communication experts so that you leave a long-lasting impression? Leave it to us!


We design websites based on a brand’s identity, concept and guidelines. We combine contemporary design with smart functionalities, and provide a website with a user-friendly CMS (e.g. WordPress), so that you can easily change or add content yourself. A standard website consists of around 10 pages, such as a homepage, product pages, article pages, a news page, a contact form, and integration of Google Maps, Google Analytics and social sharing. Naturally we ensure that your website is fully measurable and that the goals have been determined in advance. We offer both standard solutions as well as custom-made websites, which are fully tailored to specific needs.


With an online display campaign you can ensure to stand out. We are happy to help you with a striking display, in which we remain faithful to the core identity of your brand. We will take care of the entire process; from a suitable and targeted design to the technical realisation of it all. From a static banner to HTML5, video, GIF or interactive banner: there really are no limits.


We are happy to help you create digital mailings or newsletters that meet the needs of your target group and that are effective as well. The goal you strive for can of course vary for each mailing, target group or newsletter. We ensure that your newsletter fits the purpose. Once you are completely satisfied with the design, we convert it to HTML and perform a test among the most commonly used mail clients. You can then distribute the EDM via your own system or outsource this to us.


Does your company have a specific need for a certain digital application? We are also happy to assist you with the development of digital tailor-made solutions and tools. Depending on the needs, we provide advice on the best solution. The entire digital structural design and technical realisation are then taken care of by us; so that we can deliver a solution that exactly meets your needs. Naturally we would like to show you the possibilities by use of examples, or on the basis of a specific question. We always love a challenge!


Do you want to know more about the possibilities for digital design & development? Then please contact us now, without obligation. We are happy to tell you more about the possibilities by use of practical examples. In addition to digital design, we also deliver creative custom work. Creative concepts that help you distinguish yourself from the competition and with which you create recognisability. When it comes to branding and corporate positioning you have also come to the right place.