Effective Social Media

It is no longer possible to imagine the daily life of consumers and companies without social media, and it is the very place where you can reach segmented target groups with different messages. But do you use social media effectively? As a company you can get so much out of it!


Making optimal use of your social media channels? It starts with a targeted strategy. Vandenbusken can help you determine a strategy that will help increase and activate the social community of your organisation, and create visitor loyalty. We provide recommendations on which social media channels your organisation should use. This naturally will include Facebook and Instagram, but also LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Snapchat. In addition, we provide recommendations on which content you should use for each channel. This way you will gain an insight into the popular topics that generate response among the target group. You will receive a strategy from us that will include the framework for a content calendar, which your organisation can use as a guide for all its social media communications.


Vandebusken would gladly make things easy for you by fully managing your social media accounts and creating content for your social media channels in accordance with fixed agreements. We will come up with suggestions for creative newsjackers and one-liners, and communicate the message in a powerful way. We develop images, video and text for the posts, and take care of the placement, sponsorship, monitoring and evaluation.


At vandenbusken we can take care of the entire process of a creative social media campaign. We will start by determining the strategy, the budget and the right channel. We then proceed to creating the conveying, monitoring and evaluation of the campaign. We will engage your target group by making smart use of available data and targeting possibilities on the various social media channels.

We always test the latest innovations in the area of social media. Think of: Instagram story quizzes, Facebook Instant Experience, Facebook Carousel ads and Snapchat Filters.


Would you like to know how your brand is being discussed on social media? Then let us continuously monitor your social media landscape in a specific area for you. We will keep an eye on what people say on social media about your products, services, organisation and the industry in which your organisation is active. Discover relevant information about your product, organisation, customers, competition and the market. We will provide you with proactive advice and insights that you can immediately apply in practice.


Would you like to know what vandenbusken can do for you? Then feel free to contact us without obligation. We are happy to tell you more about our approach and how we can not only make but also keep your social media channels alive!