Targeted Online Marketing

A well thought-out online marketing campaign is powerful. Do you want to put your brand on the map so that you are more visible and able to reach a larger audience? This is what we are specialised in. Have better results in search engines so that you create more organic traffic? We can arrange it. Attract more people through Google Ads and analyse your visitors with a Google Analytics account? We are happy to deal with it. Increase your reach and visibility? It is our passion at vandenbusken!


Strong online content is extremely valuable for the position of your company and brand. With high-quality content you engage your (potential) customers and create an experience. Authentic communication from the heart of your brand is essential. We support companies with the creation of content. From determining the tone of voice and copywriting to developing suitable image and video material; we facilitate the entire process of visual and textual content. In addition, we can arrange the placement of this content entirely for you. Deploy your social channels in the right way with a targeted online marketing strategy, and experience the power of online media.


Looking to increase your organic Google searchability? Our team at vandenbusken can help you with this aspect as well. Based on your objectives we will determine the SEO strategy (blog, shop, white papers, etc.); focus keywords for the pages of your website; as well as the navigation structure and the landing pages. Subsequently, we will analyse your website for optimal SEO friendliness. You will receive advice on how to optimise SEO friendliness. This advice contains the (re)writing of content, technical improvements and improvements to the navigation structure (in case of an existing website).


Do you want a guaranteed top position in Google’s result pages? Then we will gladly help you with setting up and managing a Google Ads account. We start by aligning your objectives and provide budget recommendations to achieve these objectives. We can also help you with writing the advertisements, determining relevant keywords, setting up the account and determining the bidding strategy. We stay on top of your results and you can expect a monthly report with clear insights and specific areas for improvement.


Google Analytics provides an insight into the number of your website’s visitors. With deeper analyses you can benefit from valuable insights, such as the path that a visitor follows until they buy a product or perform another action (Customer Journey). No time for or knowledge of Google Analytics? We can monitor and analyse your Google Analytics account and provide you with a monthly presentation in which we will clearly outline your results.


Would you like to put your online marketing strategy in order, so that you can increase your brand awareness and reach your target group? Then feel free to contact us without obligation. We are happy to set our creative think tank in motion for you.

Targeted online marketing is powerful. Let us set it up for you.