Video & Photography


A striking photo or a video that is just that little bit different? Professional images are invaluable because they allow you to distinguish yourself from competitors. Do you need imagery to showcase your brand and with which you can grab your visitor’s attention? We shoot and produce (animation) videos and photos that will create long lasting impressions.


Do you want to create inspiring video content for your website or social media? Capture an event? Is your organisation in need of a corporate film? Vandenbusken is able to shoot at every desired location. We can help you create a storyboard, and ensure a fitting edit that matches your objectives. The movie we will produce will fit seamlessly with the style of your company, and ensures the message reaches the target group in a goal-oriented way. We will combine the conveying of the message with appealing images, clear animated images and eye-catching effects.

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With an animation video you can explain every subject, no matter how complicated, in a simple and effective way. You will find a number of examples on our Vimeo channel. We start by creating a storyboard during a workshop on location. After this we will determine the animation style, and provide the copywriting as well as the voice-over. All animated images that we create serve their purpose. Whether we are explaining a product or service, or present information about a process or a company: the message will be clear.


Do you need professional images for your marketing communications? We will create a suitable proposal based on your requirements. We will work out a style that fits perfectly with your brand or company by using a mood board. We will shoot the images ourselves or provide the right photographer for the job. Photos that catch the eye and engage your target group? We know how to achieve this. Please make sure to have a look at our examples and projects!


Looking for ways to create visual material so that your message really hits home? At vandenbusken we are passionate about it! Curious about what we can do for you? Please feel free to contact us without obligation. We are happy to tell you more about the many available options.

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